Friday, July 29, 2011

Secret Code Exposed in Mona Lisa Still Not Understood by Da Vinci Scholars

Los Angeles Investigator Scott Lund Challenges 
World's Art Experts With Mona Lisa Code

LOS ANGELES, CA - July 29, 2011 -- Investigative writer Scott Lund has
challenged the world's art historians, Leonardo da Vinci experts, and
most esteemed colleges and universities to "go on record" about the Mona
Lisa Code. The Los Angeles-based mystery solver says it has taken too
long for Academia to respond to his facts concerning Leonardo da Vinci's
iconic painting. "I exposed the existence of a secret code of symbolism
concealed in the Mona Lisa over a year ago," says Lund, "yet no
recognized authorities in the fields of either Art or History have come
forward with any critiques or comments."

Among the new discoveries Lund has brought to light are:

-- The Mona Lisa is the depiction of a single soul shared between an
expectant mother and her unborn male child.

-- The two-faced Roman god Janus was used by Leonardo as a metaphor for
the painting's dualism.

-- “Maternity” was personified in the painting by fusing the two supreme Biblical
mother archetypes of the Old and New Testaments together.

"These are plausible and well-reasoned theories based on a careful
reading of Leonardo's own writings and an in-depth understanding of the
true meaning of ancient symbolism," says Lund. "The so-called 'experts'
have been conspicuously silent on the matter of the Mona Lisa Code, and
I can't spend any more time chasing after elusive professors in order to
stimulate academic debate. That's why there will be a public press
conference near the ancient Forum in the heart of Rome on September 10,
2011. At that time I will reveal the most surprising facts that I have

"Ultimately, I believe it will be the people of Rome, whose own history
includes Leonardo da Vinci and all his accomplishments, who will play
the major part in helping the world acknowledge the solution to art
history's greatest riddle. It won't be the art departments of colleges
and universities throughout the world, but the citizens of Rome who will
take the credit for what history remembers," says Lund.

Lund's historic presentation of the Mona Lisa Code will occur at 3 p.m.
on 9/10/11 in the public plaza between the Colosseum and the Arch of
Constantine. A film documentary will record the event for the benefit of
future generations.

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